We plan, design and project manage signage and wayfinding strategies that empower people to communicate, engage with and navigate branded spaces.

We use a process-led approach to ensure successful design solutions and signage that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We understand that collaborating with our client is key to achieving a great result. This client-centred approach means you participate in decision-making from the start.

As part of the process we meet with you on site to understand your business, your customers and what you need to achieve. We walk and ‘feel’ the space, taking measurements and photos.

The next step is where the magic happens.

Our interdisciplinary team of designers, crafters and production managers come together to discuss your needs and the best solutions. It’s here that our experts combine to make your dream come alive.

The proposal, artwork and quotation are then prepared and provided for feedback, with the necessary amendments made before sign off.

Our Project Manager is your sole point of contact throughout and takes care of your needs, keeping you informed of progress and milestones achieved, and ultimately the delivery.

It’s our mission to ensure that every signage solution is manufactured to brief, on time, to budget and of exceptional quality.

The Project Manager also arranges installation. We manage access for equipment, traffic management plans, and planning permissions, to ensure the installation flows seamlessly and efficiently.

Our design team are skilled in information design, wayfinding, branding and identity.

We craft holistic, user-centred design solutions that connect people to spaces and offer effortless navigation.

To achieve this, we delve into the user experience with an understanding that your client is our client.

As brand strategists we collaborate to devise solutions that present organisation branding and wayfinding effectively while preserving brand integrity.

Our concepts are effective, on brand and to budget.

We know how to create a feeling with your brand and make it sing for your audience.

We craft the client brief into beautiful concepts that capture the essence of the organisation’s values, vision and brand story, while allowing room for client contribution and guidance.

Our multi-talented design team bring decades of experience working with a diverse range of customers, and the full range of contemporary materials used in modern design.

We design logos, brands, signs, murals, wall art and wall papers, and our work spans industrial, vehicle fleet and graphic design.

With this wide scope of design services on board and our interdisciplinary team working together we achieve outstanding results.

We actively adopt products and practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

It is paramount to us that we contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the products we produce.

Weaving sustainable processes into our work, choosing sustainable materials, and designing our own sustainable product range, are some of the ways we are lowering our emissions and waste impact.

We use long-life materials, poured acrylic in place of sheet acrylic to minimise offcuts, zero- range recyclable vinyls, and latex inks and in-house fabrication to lower our emissions.

We also upcycle wooden pallets into pavement signs for bars, cafes, restaurants and retail sites, and our choice of three New Zealand sites allows us to manufacture and install product locally, reducing unnecessary travel.

Within our work environment we have introduced new technology to move us to paperless, we car share to and from work, and watch this space for a future hybrid fleet.

Our sustainable product range involves bee and insect signage letters built up from natural materials. The letters provide both quality signage and homes for little critters at the same time.

We continue to look for opportunities and invest time in researching different methods to reduce our footprint and that of our products.